The past Year

The First Journaling in this new year.  I can tell that 2017 has been such a turbulenced year. It has been kind of strange. When one feel kind of a stranger on the Earth then something is defintively happening. It will be too much to tell here (If I should then I had to make a diary ) Did  I reached the goal I had last Year? No not even half of it. I must admit that I didn’t plan to make one this year. I will enjoy it as it comes and IF I am not going to make that much ART I wish by now, then it is ok too. I have to remember I am “only” a Human and things will come in a way as it will.

Was I happy last year? I sure was in a quite way – No big parties no big experiences, but I sure have Hope for this Year to be a bright one.

At my birthday Januray 7th I was in the midst of a lot of people celebrating me. It was a super wonderful day. Flowers and gifts, superb cakes and even more superb food. What more can a woman wish for. A woman like me that’s it .

The 2018 will be (once more) a super great Year and I am really looking forward what it brings. I know there will be some events as well I am looking forward too, but I will not tell at the moment.

Here is a few glimt from last year:

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