Sunday 2018-01-28  18:39:27

Art journaling for this week I guess as it is Sunday  This week has all been about Cleaning. Cleaning here and there as I try to live so minimized as possible.

One problem is there. Where do I storage my done projects? Cards with flowers and other tings on is taking up space, you know. Even in the Journal Books. My room isn’t growing  I might be able to sell something eventually but that will be like a donation thing (pp and the items price)

What else is new, wellll – Did you read about Anthony William? Otherwise you have the chance now. Do I need to go down in Weight? Of course, there is two of me as I use to say but also my pains will go away more and that without the medicin. of course I am still using the medicin but until something else happening I am surely going to eat what is HEALTHY for me. Do you not?

A little collection of my small art made during the last time I posted.






Thank you for your visit and be welcome back any time.