It seems that the Life = Days, runs so fast that it is hard to catch up with everything. Well at least I got some art done in one way or another. Today is the day we start the Easter here in Denmark and instead of Spring – It is snowing and is app. 0­° C in this writing moment. 

It has been a hard month since last I post a Journal page. It can be difficult to explain what it is, because I didn’t have any pain, nor been sick, the mood was kind of ok, but somehow it was difficult to get anything done ( I don’t have a schedule where I HAVE to do anything – I am free Bird) yet !… I have a lot of projects I can go on with but ALL have seen so overwhelmed. Today I do feel I have things going smoothly again and have Hope for Summertime to be able to travel again. I love that as well.

Here is something I made since last time:

By looking at the pictures it seems that I made a lot? …  I am HAPPY !!

Thank you for your visit and welcome back any time.