News per. 07/01/2018

On Facebook am I in some groups that make up some of the interests I currently have.

The reading group on Facebook Lost In A Good Book, as I joined recently. My favorites by authors are currently Lucinda Riley, Trisha Ashley, Phillipa Ashley, Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson.

In addition to reading a lot, I also write a little myself occasionally. When I retired from the photographer, I started painting, drawing and shaping. I am and still fascinated by the many different art forms I found online.

I have also been very interested in computer work. It started in 1998 where I got my first computer and started making digital art where I used my own photographs. I made websites and blogged for others but especially for myself. I have been and am still very curious.

Today (01.07.2018) I am on Facebook with my own page: Mariane’s ART, Twitter: TheMarianeC, Instagram: @ mariane_1st, and other places where I can show my stuff. During the day I do creative work (paint and the like) and at the bedside table are several books that I am about to read.

In addition to all of the above, I also travel around the country (Denmark) if my body otherwise wants. I show with some photographs on my photo blog: Starone and all my other things appear on my artist blog: MC Inspirations or as it is also called “Hear The Wind Whisper”.

Books I am reading at the moment is these. Lucinda Rileys Loveletter is a book that is hard to put away so one can get a sleep. The three others are some I just glanced in a few pages, so I am looking forward to read them.

Thank you for your visit and welcome back any time.