1948 was the year when the Author saw the Light of the World for the first time. (At least in this life) As she grew up, she found it was hard working to get her dreams fulfilled. It was not easy at all. At last she found out it was not her Path of her Life so she changed it several times, the Path. What is strange she can’t remember anything of her Life until she was 15 years old, only a glimt here and there. Until her retirement she worked many places within many industries / branches. In the year of 2013 she finally retired as she has been looking forward to so much. (No, not from the world, but from the working life). It was something that pleased her so well as she was really tired of working for others . The “fun” thing is that she is busier than when she had a job. Since she was 11 years old (That was one thing she remembered), she knew she wanted to be a photographer, which she worked as in various situations later in her Life. She traveled and worked as a photographer at several places in the world.

Traveling was healthy for her, as she left the energy (areas) that was unhealthy in a ways she can’t explain, so she decided to live in several places in extended periods of her life . (In U.S.A. and Europe – Outside Denmark). The interests of hers has always to make photographs, as said earlier. In the year of 2000 she moved back to Denmark, yet traveling many times.

When the Retirement starts she was already busy with her new life and photography was now a thing she did when she was outside, but as she found her new interests, which actually is an old one, she found a new life full of Joy. It is drawing and paintings. What is new is that she uses it for various things such as making cards (cards for all occasions). Among other things, collages, also known as “scrapbook” or “scrapping”. In addition to these things she is doing some computer work, such as websites, blogs and other things. A rich Life indeed. All the above mentioned are of physical art, right? She has a great interest which is the important thing and that is her Spiritual Life, why important? Because it is a superb thing to develop what has hiding inside her. This means she have another Life again full of Light and Love, by reading the God books she understand so many things of why she been “sick” with a lot of pain all the time, and why things she was dreaming of did not succeeded. If you read the books yourself you might find answer/s to your own situation.

It is Time NOW to make a decision of what you want to do with your Life.

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